prince@montreux: july 16th, 2007

(in english, because there are more english than german readers)

2002 – 2007: a long time to wait for his purple majesty. he was in switzerland for the ona-tour in 2002 and since then we had to wait.

one of my dreams was that he will play at montreux since i know him and its unbelievable, in 2007 he just came to claude nobs.

some negative feelings were about the so-called fans: i still can't believe how uncivilized some of them were in the queue for the entrance. shame on you, all you freaks!! it should be clear that to push is only bad for your and the others feeling, nothing more.

also negative that he didn't allowed even claude nobs to show the stage on the screen in the auditorium stravinsky. as other places reported, the stage is not really raised a lot, so after the first ranks it was very difficult to see him on stage.

also not perfect: from montreux i expect a perfect, clear sound. sometimes it was perfect, but not always. the bass was a bit too strong and not clear. the horns were great!

hey, all the rest was simply w o n d e r f u l !!

search also 3121.com, prince-web.de, housequake.com or other well-known places for more infos.

approximative tracklisting:

when the saints go marching in:

ha! not down by the riverside as beginning, so the first surprise is here :-)

great horns, great horns. did i said that i like the horns?


same as also in vegas.. was it a night in tunisia? not sure, but it was long, and i loved it. was really happy that so much jazz is played in the beginning.

down by the riverside:

see first track!

satisfied (very long version):

yo. we know that. the jazz was going away ;-)

girls & boys:

that was a suprise for me. a very positive surprise.

purple rain:

a really nice version of this song. indeed never boring!

what a wonderful world:

oh, some more jazz, cool

love is a losing game and sweet thing:

hmmm, i didn't feel the spirit with these songs. maybe it was only me. but still more than ok.

sweet thing, got a broken heart again:



wow. still amazing. live a absolut kicking song.

play that funky music:

too long, really too long, but funky as hell most of the time.

i feel for you:

yeahhhhhh, now thats something i also feeled!




always a beautiful song.

nothing compares 2 u:

nice to hear it live.


no comment, only: wow!

come together:

i still don't know if i like him when he is playing the beatles.

take me with you:

old song, but still fantastic.


live a killer-track!

little red corvette/sometimes it snows in april:

hurrahhhh! missing words for that. simply prince.

i expected maybe a bit more jazz? no, i hoped :-)

i tried not to expect anything.

finally a great evening with some surprises. and montreux is still a beautiful place. you definitively don't need to have a ticket for a show to have fun and a lot of music during the jazz festival.

you see, i am not really a writer, lol. but i had to promise that i make a review.

war auch cool, mal online-bekanntschaften zu sehen, liebe grüsse an die freunde vom orange-board! war nur ein schnelles hallo-sagen, dann ein aus-den-augen-verlieren, aber hat mich sehr gefröit!