PrinceVault.com - The unofficial Prince encyclopedia

Since the loss of Housequake.com and it's hugely respected Prince Resource Guide, the internet has been lacking an accurate and comprehensive website with detailed information relating to the recording and live performance history of Prince.

Today we're proud to unveil to the fan community PrinceVault.com

Over the past few months the site has been under development by a team of dedicated and well respected Prince enthusiasts and experts. It's contributors (which include former members of Housequake.com and Uptown publications) have between them an almost unrivalled knowledge of all things paisley and have a dedication to bringing you factual information on Prince's recordings, live performances, and many other areas associated with his work and legacy.

Because of the enormity and detailed nature of the task, the site is in a constant state of being updated, but we've worked hard to make sure all the essential information is there for you now while we continue to add yet more in-depth information on a daily basis.

We hope you'll find the site an indispensable guide, and that whenever you need an answer to one of those tricky and obscure Prince related questions, you'll visit PrinceVault.com

The PrinceVault Team