Thanks Aaaron!

Thanks Aaron!

The purpose of this is only to express the gratitude of we, who called ourselves "quakers" in homage of a great website called Housequake.com.

Since unfortunately we can not post at that website anymore, I thought it could be a good time to post in acknowledgement and gratitude to Aaron, the founder and owner of Housequake. He has made a labour of love during almost 12 years which led to a world class website, as someone called it; a place for interaction, friendship and intelligent discussion. A place where you could speak about your favourite music, and about any other thing, within the respect, and with a quality in the content rarely seen in forums. And also a place with loads of reference information regarding a certain musician and his music.

And all this work was done purely for the love of the music of a certain musician.

Housequake is already being greatly missed. May this humble blog serve to say a huge


thanks to cateto, copy/pasted from catetos blog

i would co-sign 100% 

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