montreux 2009

i will not write a such detailled report as 2 years ago. i decided that i don't have 200.-- sfr to spend for a artist, even if its prince. thats just out of my budget. but a wonder... i was invited my marco (thanks again and again, my friend!) for the 2nd show, so i only had to buy (thanks to elvis!!) a 2nd ticket for my beloved woman and hey, 200.-- sfr for 2 persons are ok.

marco and frank picked me up. they had to wait, because i just was taking a shower ;-)
after few espressi we drove away and met our friends of the orange-board at grauholz. driving with 5 cars to montreux, holla....
i think i was the only one who was only attending the 2nd show. all my international friends were on both concerts, so the meetup was short, but nice! i love you all.

i had plenty of time to enjoy the feeling of montreux, always special, also after 30 years of visiting this beautiful festival. i had fun and fun and fun :-)

later my wife arrived too and we enjoyed the place together for a while.

the concert...
as i never liked to be in the 1st row, i decided to be at the back. a lot of place and good sound and luckyli the screens were on, so it was fantastic. sound was great, as mostly in montreux (not always! i remember black crowes some years ago).
i was impressed by john blackwell who is da bomb!
renato is always wow
prince was amazing. he flirted with the cams (so we are waiting for the dvd!), maybe too much with the cams and not with the fans.
stratus, peach, spanish castle magic, all the critics... are my favorites.

i hoped that the show was during longer, but it was ok.
i also have still to say, 195.-- sfr are really too much for a concert. but that seems to be normal for such a superstar.

anyway, i loved it, and i think it was the last time that i was able to see him live. so thanks again to all friends, it was nice to meet you.


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El buzon de mi casa hat gesagt…

Montreux... just a special word


I agree that the ticket price is very high, but perhaps it is better to see him in a stadium.

The fans suffer, but get enough in return. In addition there are always those bootlegs. -,)

Amigo un saludo

PD. It was a pleasure to visit your blog

Cateto hat gesagt…

Why do you say this "was the last time I was able to see Prince live", H:??

(if I can ask of course!!). :)

BTW pity you don't write all comments in English, as I am lost in German.

mpffffhhhh hat gesagt…

i said it because i am not willing to spent so much money for a (coolfunkynice) night.
maybe i am not able, lol
noone is this worth (for me).

and german... yeah..i know, some postings are local, and sometimes i am just too lazy to write in english.
and some of my readers just don't understand english.

thanks for reading my blog, mr. j :-)

Cateto hat gesagt…

Yes, I fully agree in that such a high price for tickets, and the trip on top of it, make truly difficult to seriously consider attending the last Prince shows. But we both know that the live vibe is priceless!! ;) And while I am, right now, rather reluctant to even think about it, who knows... the last setlists seem very attracting to me! I just hope he decides to properly tour again, and some dates are in Spain

As for reading your blog, you have nothing to thank for: It was a pleasure for me, Helmut: not everybody in Princeland deserves being read, but your posts certainly are, that's clear for me!.:D

Anonym hat gesagt…
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